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Canis Castrum: Bazaar on the Plains

Location: Hex (-14,09)
Alignment: LN
Proto-Settlement Template: Crafting
Motto: “Such Adventure. WOW!”
Open Community
Canis Castrum was founded by the down-to-Golarion company, Reading Between the Lines. We are a laid-back PvE and crafting group. Our settlement’s doors are open to a diverse citizenry with many different interests and play-styles!

Free Trade Bazaar
Canis Castrum is the fastest growing trade hub in Pathfinder Online. At our Auction House, merchants and crafters acquire exotic items from every corner of Golarion. As a member of the Aeonian League, we offer protection to our dedicated crafters and foreign traders with the aid of mercenary companies in the area. Our Bazaar is always open for business!

Grassroots Leadership
Our councilors are dedicated to serving their community. Settlement leadership takes a grassroots approach toward helping every member fulfill their goals in Pathfinder Online. Through polls on our website, our Town Hall forum, and regular voice chats, we will be as responsive as possible to the needs our citizens. Our belief is that a settlement is the sum of its parts; each part should have an interest in the whole.

Are you an aspiring merchant, dedicated crafter, or tenacious mercenary? We can offer class training through the Aeonian League. Riches await you on the golden plains!

Contact omnipotentseal (Official Ambassador) or Thannon Forsworn (Master of Trade) for more information.

Founding Settlement in the Aeonian League
Signatory Settlement of the Treaty of the Marked

Supported Initiatives
Bazaar Initiative
Pathfinder University

Founded on the 9th of Sarenith, 4714.