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Canis Castrum Bazaar at the Crusader Road Trading Post

Thannon Forsworn has begun establishing trade routes with our partners in Early Enrollment. He is listing some of our goods at The Crusader Road Dispatch. Below is his post from the Paizo forums.

While we're doing a brisk trade at the settlement level we'd like to get our goods to everyone and unfortunately it's a bit time consuming for folks to run from auction house to auction house checking availability or cold call everyone who might be trading. Therefore we'll be listing our available trade goods and refining/crafting services on the Crusader Road Trading post. Save yourself the hassle and a trip by taking a look to see if we can perhaps provide something you need before you wander all over Golarion looking for it! We'll be updating regularly as additional goods and services become available.

I can be contacted for inquiry concerning availability, delivery/pickup, and prices/trade value via PM here, on the Crusader Road Trading Post, or via email at, and of course via whisper in game as 'Thannon Forsworn'.

You can contact Thannon Forsworn on our forums as well, where he maintains our active Crafter List.


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