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Dedicated Crafting Town

The Lord Mayor's Council is proud to announce that Canis Castrum will be a dedicated Crafting Town during War of Towers. We invite foreign merchants to take advantage of our Auction House. We look forward to working with our fellow Aeonian League settlements, Sunholm and Hope's End, to offer class training to our citizens. Our Bazaar is coming soon!

The Crafting Town template offers the following buildings.

Crafting Town
1. Alchemist’s Lab
2. Apothecary
3. Arcanist’s Workshop
4. Artificer’s Workshop
5. Armorer
6. Auction House
7. Geologist
8. Iconographer
9. Institute of Technology
10. Jewelers
11. Keep
12. Leatherworker
13. Weaponmaster
14. Sawmill
15. Smeltmill
16. Tailor
17. Tannery
18. Woodshop

Image Credit: The Foreign Market by RhysGriffiths


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