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Canis Castrum Caller: August Updates

Welcome to the Canis Castrum Caller! Our monthly update about all that is going on in our settlement, from our players to our companies to inter-settlement politics.

Reading Between the Lines Wins Hex P: After a rocky Week 5 of the Land Rush, when we were pushed into Hex T. We won and kept Hex P in Week 6. Our settlement is now next to our friendly neighbors in Sunholm!

Proud Member of The Aeonian League: Canis Castrum is a founding settlement in the open, multi-alignment treaty alliance The Aeonian League with our southern neighbor Hope's End. We invite our partners to take advantage of our Bazaar, meet with our friendly local crafters, and train at our facilities.

Welcome Carrion Corps!: Canis Castrum welcomes our first sponsored company, Carrion Corps. They are a casual True Neutral mercenary group interested in fort construction and finance. You can join their company forum and meet with their leader, Naile Trollard. We look forward to our future business arrangement!

We're in Alpha: Any of our fellow Alpha players can catch omnipotentseal and Ein Zelteil on the server on weekends. If you want to get together to form a party or hang out, PM us.

Image Credit: Art from Kingmaker Adventure Path


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