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Thannon Forsworn / Jul 25, 2015


It has been a long while since we've last had an update or news post and I feel the time has come to direct some attention to our recent accomplishments. First off, I would like to congratulate our friend Grimmel for helping to reopen Sunholm and bring it firmly back into the League. Having a Lawful Good settlement to balance out our little alliance will tie things together nicely; the higher level fighter and cleric training is nice too!

On that note I would also like to formally welcome Ragnar Tryggvy and Valhalla Foundries to the League. While they spent some time with us in Canis Castrum they have moved over to their knew home in Sunholm to help it grow and hopefully one day be among the first Paladins on the server!

And finally our last but certainly not least new company please welcome the Escalation Defense Corp., led by Zerr Dastir. Aside from helping with our local PvE content they also offer their services for coin to clean out escalations far and wide. They've already been of great help with the recent escalations and special events.

I would also like to add a general welcome to some of the new folks we've individually recruited over the past few weeks. I hope we turn out to be everything you ever dreamed!

For everyone else I would like to give a big thank you for your efforts. To date we have managed to keep our Auction House well stocked with T1 and T2 goods, including some items that are not as well supplied in other places. We've also managed to produce and place enough holdings (with the cooperation from our friends in Hope's End) to supply the entire League with bulk goods and sell off some extra! Our work is far from done as custom settlements will go live in EE11 but we have a very strong foundation to build upon.

Going forward I would like to see a steady increase in our internal capabilities and hopefully start to help our friends in Sunholm place more of their own holdings in preparation for EE11. Great things are afoot and despite our smaller stature (and Abadar willing) we are at the forefront! Keep up the good work!